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The Strategy of Apator Group for 2019-2023.

Nr 61/2018
Date and time: 2018/10/17, 09:55
Category: Others

The Executive Board of APATOR SA announces that the Supervisory Board of the Company approved the Strategy of Apator Group for 2019-2023.

Main strategic objectives

Apator Group assumes significant increase of the scale of operations in the perspective of 5 years based on the development of existing business and development of product portfolio in the direction of advanced solutions for energy media management, including smart class solutions and systems for active management of distribution networks.

The Group will continue to operate on the basis of 3 business segments* i.e. electricity (former name of the segment: smart grid), water and heat and gas, with a gradually separated common area of systems and solutions for all types of utilities.

Financial objectives:

increase of EBITDA to ca. PLN 220 million in 2023 (average annual growth rate of approx. 9%), including following segments:

- electricity PLN 100 million,
- water and heat PLN 90 million,
- gas PLN 30 million,

revenues from sales at the level of ca. PLN 1.4 billion in 2023. (average annual growth rate of approx. 10%), including following segments:

- electricity PLN 620 million,
- water and heat PLN 460 million,
- gas PLN 320 million,

The abovementioned objectives will be implemented on the basis of:

maintaining a strong position on the domestic market,
growth of shares in strategic markets (Germany, Central and Eastern Europe),
taking advantage of sales opportunities in other European markets.

Apator Group assumes significant increase in the value of sales to foreign markets and maintenance of high share of export in total sales (over 50%).

The accumulated capital expenditures over the period of 5 years are assumed at the level of approximately PLN 380 million. It is planned to finance investments from the developed and released funds  from unused assets and loans. At the same time Apator Group maintains the implementation of the current dividend policy.

The strategy of Apator Group foresees also increase of effectiveness through:

- further broad automation and robotization of production processes,
- expansion of the competence centre in the field of electronics production in Ostaszewo,
- optimisation of the Group (simplification of the capital structure, e.g. mergers, further development of common functions),
- reducing the level of costs through better use of group resources and competences (e.g. coordination of activities in the following areas: purchasing, inventories, logistics).

The strategy assumes a new approach to innovation through, among other things, the creation of competence centres for research and development in the Group, strengthening of R&D teams and Product Managers, as well as the creation of an additional fund for the development of innovative ideas.

The approved strategy will be operationalized by the end of the fourth quarter of this year and will be subject to annual reviews by the Management Board and Supervisory Board.

The indicated values are the objective of the Management Board and do not constitute a forecast of financial results.

Legal basis: Article 17(1) MAR - confidential information.


*Names of business segments correspond to energy media and groups of customers around which the offer of Apator Group is being built, i.e:

electricity segment - products and solutions for the electricity distribution sector (Distribution System Operators) and electro-assembly companies, electrical installers, integrators, electrical wholesalers and other customers of the ee sector

water and heat segment - products and solutions for the water and sewage sector, heat distribution companies, housing cooperatives and communities and the construction sector

gas segment - products and solutions for gas distribution companies. 


Contact for institutional investors and analysts

cc group - Katarzyna Mucha

Mobile +48 697 613 712

Management and Promotions Director of Apator Group

Jolanta Dombrowska

Mobile +48 56 61 91 228


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