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Updating the current report no. 38/2014 - "The contracts of overdraft to loan limit and the establishment of registration pledge concluded with ING Bank Śląski SA

Nr 46/2014
Date and time: 2014/11/28, 00:00
Category: Concluded contracts

Acting based one art. 56 para 5 of the act of public offering with regard to  the contract concluded between Apator Powogaz SA („Company”) and ING Bank Śląski SA („Bank”) of overdraft to loan limit in maximum amount of PLN 23.000.000  and the contract of establishment of registration pledge of inventories of the Company. Executive Board of  Apator SA  announces that on 28.10.2014  Apator Powogaz SA and the Bank concluded the contract of assignment of rights from insurance policy for the amount of PLN 23.000.000 in order to establish the hedging for the repayment of the receivables of the Bank.

The above information is the updating the current report no. 38/2014 "Contracts of overdraft to loan limit and the establishment of registration pledge” concluded with ING Bank Śląski SA” dated 1st September 2014. 



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