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Photovoltaic power station in Susz with EKTIN PV system

One of the implemented solutions operating in the RES environment is the control and supervision system for single or distributed photovoltaic power stations – EKTIN PV. The solution provides access to detailed information on the operation of the investment and allows to control its elements. The EKTIN PV system, a smart solution, has been installed at two photovoltaic power stations in Susz (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province). The power stations were connected to an MV electricity grid.

Each installation is equipped with:

  • an MV/LV switchgear with
  • a 15/0.8 kV transformer with a capacity of 1000 kVA and eight inverters, each with a capacity of 105 kW.

The project included full visualisation of the system, as well as monitoring of the electrical parameters of the installation, i.e.: voltage, current, active and reactive power, control of switches in MV bays or on the LV side.

The system also enables the monitoring of operational parameters (PR - Performance Ratio - of the power station), indicating the decrease in CO2 emissions, while showing the number of equivalent trees planted to increase awareness of the beneficial impact on the environment. The solution can additionally monitor the performance of the facility by observing individually defined parameters. EKTIN PV provides a number of benefits, both for the investor and the manager.    

The investor can monitor electricity production in cycles of his choice. In the event of unforeseen situations, such as emergencies, he/she receives information in real time via e-mail or a text message. The messages help eliminate downtime, maximise production and optimise operating costs.

For the power station manager, the system helps to supervise the work of the operators. It makes it possible to visualise the system architecture with link state troubleshooting, as well as to visualise the operating state of PV plant automatics, the state of the MV/LV power grid and measurements. The installed solution allows the photovoltaic power station owner to fulfil his/her electricity supply contracts while taking profits, which in the long term require professional and continuous monitoring of the installed equipment.

By using the system for the supervision and management of photovoltaic power stations, the basic functions of smart solutions can be realised. These are:

  • maximising revenue by being able to react early to situations indicating a deviation from the standard operating parameters of the installation – resulting from the technical conditions and obligations under the contract concluded with the electricity consumer;
  • optimising operating costs through better adjustment of the frequency and schedule of maintenance visits to the PV power station, better planning of the replacement of damaged system components;
  • optimising investment costs through long-term (multi-year) collection of historical data on the rate of ageing of panels or inverters – evaluation of the quality of the equipment used and support of future investment decisions based on historical data.

In addition to the installation of the EKTIN PV system, the contract also included the delivery of a controller – BRG 3, ensuring communication between inverters, meters, network parameter analysers at the supervised facility. The controller's functions enable multi-channel communication with the DSO supervisory system, as well as with the investor's or power station manager's dispatcher stations that are at the customer's disposal. 

Modern digital solutions, which enable keeping track of the operation and parameters of the plant and informing about possible difficulties, facilitate more effective management and translate into long-term cost and resource optimisation. The selection of an appropriate control and monitoring system at the beginning of project implementation allows achieving greater benefits, reducing the need for later investments in smart components.