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Remote reading

Remote reading

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The section was developed to provide quick access to solutions in case of problem situations.

The FAQ section is intended to serve as a technical knowledge base regarding our remote reading systems. We encourage you to review the following issues.

1. Can water meters/heat meters/cost allocators be read remotely?
2. Is wireless/wired remote reading safe for health?
3. Should readings be taken at certain times?
4. Why did I get a license only for 14 days?
5. I cannot download the SPIDAP application/SPIDAP PC program. Why?
6. SPIDAP installation won't start – what to do?
7. I can't log in to SPIDAP/SPIDAP PC?
8. The application worked before and now it doesn't?
9. I have a problem with updating the structure from Inkasent PC v. 2 to v. 3.
10. When searching for a VERTI converter, the application gets stuck on the search screen.
11. I cannot read from the devices that have been imported in the read route on the mobile terminal
12. The SPIDAP software informs about reading the devices, but after entering the structure to the measuring point and importing it to SPIDAP PC, I do not see the readings.
13. Unsure that the installed device is sending a radio frame.
14. Launching SPIDAP software in offline mode
15. Can I read water meters from other manufacturers using the SPIDAP application?

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