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Date: 2023/03/13

The 2023 Enex Fair featuring representatives of Apator Group

This year’s 25th International Power Industry and Renewable Sources of Energy Fair, ENEX, registered a record number of exhibitors and visitors.

All significant participants of the RES market were present at the fair. The presented topics were photovoltaic installations (panels, fastening systems, panel cleaning and maintenance systems, diagnostics), photovoltaic and hybrid converters, energy storage, energy management systems, heat pumps and air conditioners, charging stations for electric vehicles, heating devices, controllers, etc.

Apator was present at this event together with the Polish Energy Storage Association. The solutions presented were energy storage, digital RES supervision systems, and SPV controllers in the form of a power guard or regulator. The discussions on energy storage concerned their use in various parts of the energy system - in the issue of stabilizing the LV network and as devices for photovoltaic or industrial installations. Energy storage is becoming an essential element of the energy transformation.

The most natural area of energy storage applications are alongside installations of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy depends on the time of day and weather conditions. Balancing energy through a storage facility is particularly important in those moments when the energy production by the RES installation exceeds its consumption, or when returning the produced energy to the grid is not justified from the point of view of profitability or stability of the energy system. The use of a storage facility allows you to shift energy consumption over time, which is why the support of renewable sources with energy storage facilities allows you to obtain stable and predictable energy sources in the energy system.

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