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Date: 2022/04/24

25 years on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Some decisions are of fundamental importance for the development of the company, they redefine its status and establish its position for years to come, sometimes even decades. One of these revolutionary moments was the decision to make Apator SA public, that is - in other words - its entry on the stock exchange.

This decision was preceded by a long and demanding period of formal, legal and organizational preparations. On April 24, 1997, Janusz Marzygliński, the then president of the company's management board, rang the famous bell on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It was the beginning of the transformation and dynamic development of the company.

Apator made its debut on the WSE as the 102nd company to be listed and was considered a pioneer in the region. The debut served as an impulse for Apator’s development, acquired capital supported the company's financial liquidity and thanks to the listing of shares on a professional and active stock market, employees who owned shares were able to achieve their goals and plans.

Apator strengthened its reputation and increased transparency for a broad group of stakeholders and thanks to an active information policy that ensures regular access to information - it gained greater recognition and a broader presence in the media. Since its debut, Apator has paid its Shareholders over 0.5 billion PLN in the form of dividends and share buyback programs.

25 years after debuting on the stock exchange, Apator SA operates as an international capital group organized within three specialized business segments: Electricity, Water & Heat and Gas. The Apator brand is recognized in the EU in the sector of solutions for modern energy, gas, water and sewage networks, being in line with the dynamic changes in the utility management market regarding their economic consumption. Almost half of the revenues of Apator Group come from export sales and its products and solutions are distributed in several dozen countries around the world.

Apator SA - according to - is among the 30 companies that have written the history of the stock exchange 

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