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Date: 2023/09/25

Apator Group at the Professionals Forum of the Polish Energy Storage Association

During the International Energy Fair Energetab in Bielsko-Biała on 12-13 September 2023, the Apator Group participated as the main partner of the event: Energy Storage - Professionals Forum of the Polish Energy Storage Association.

RES experts from the Apator Group participated in the preparation of the substantive part of the event, sharing their experience and knowledge. During three thematic sessions, prospects for the development of energy storage technologies were discussed, based on already completed projects. A very well-received presentation by RES Product Manager Szymon Piasecki entitled: "Analysis of the operation of the low-voltage distribution network with a battery-based energy storage system" gave the audience a full picture of the potential of the technology, and the explanation with specific examples of the many improvements in the operation of DSOs, with the increasing presence of distributed energy sources proved that the use of energy storage technology in the coming future will not only be useful, but also necessary. Apator in cooperation with Tauron Dystrybucja and AGH carried out a pilot project on the application of energy storage in a low-voltage distribution network with many renewable sources. At the Forum, we presented the results of research confirming the positive impact of dedicated storage on the operating parameters of the low-voltage distribution network. Thanks to the solution used, shutdowns of prosumer photovoltaic installations, resulting from exceeding acceptable voltage levels, have completely ceased. 

During speeches and many discussions, the participants present at the event unanimously agreed that the energy transition taking place before our eyes will be possible once a number of important conditions are met. The first factor is appropriate and favourable conditions and legal solutions that will support the energy transition on many levels, including from the bottom up. An example of such positive solutions are becoming increasingly advantageous conditions for energy clusters and energy cooperatives, which, through joint cooperation, are able to develop positive conditions for the production and use of green energy and a common system for its use and mutual exchange.

Another aspect discussed at the forum was innovation, the early use of which provides opportunities for many entities to increase their competitiveness, not only on their domestic market, but also on a global scale. The last aspect is the sources of funding and future prospects that will enable more entities to participate in the new distributed energy model. It was unanimously concluded that the funding expected by companies and local government units for industrial energy storage facilities would unleash the full potential of green energy use, and the possibility of storing and deferred use of stored energy would allow energy self-sufficiency.

In summary, the Professionals Forum of the Polish Energy Storage Association is yet another event that proves that the interest in industrial energy storage among private and public entities is constantly growing, and meetings such as this one allow both parties (technology manufacturers and their customers) to understand mutual expectations regarding potential cooperation. The Apator Group, continuing its policy aimed at strengthening its position on the market of highly technologically advanced solutions for RES, ensures the expansion of knowledge among interested parties, so that in the future we will be able to take advantage of the full potential of energy from RES.

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