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Date: 2024/05/28

"Clean River" action in Poznań

On 21 May this year, an action was held to clean up the banks of the Warta River in Poznań organised by the Warta Poznań sports club and Operation Clean River. The initiative was aimed at highlighting issues related to environmental protection and respecting water as a very precious resource.

The aim of the action was to clean up a section of the River Warta in Poznań and remove any lingering waste. In addition, the action also had an informative and educational character. It was about drawing the attention of the Green Family to the importance of protecting local nature. Apator Powogaz, as one of Warta Poznań's partners, cares about the environment and the needs of the local community.
With both these aspects in mind, the employees of Apator Powogaz joined the 6th edition of Operation Clean River together with Warta Poznań. It was an excellent opportunity to take concrete measures for the benefit of our planet.

In addition, the event featured a recycling workshop using second-hand items.

Working together for our planet is worth it.

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