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Heat meters

Heat meters

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The section has been developed to facilitate quick access to problem solutions.

The FAQ section is a knowledge base regarding legal aspects related to our products. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following issues.

1. What is a heat/cool meter?
2. Heat meter construction
3. How does a heat meter work?
4. What are the technical recommendations for the installation and installation of heat meters?
5. How to read the heat meter readings?
6. In what units are the indications on the display of the heat meter calculator available?
7. At what temperatures can the heat meter be used?
8. What are the characteristics of compact, hybrid and remote heat meters?
9. From when and for how long is the validity period of the heat meter readings made in accordance with the conformity assessment procedure
10. From when and how long is the validity period of the indications of the heat meter verified by the officials of the District Office of Measures?
11. Is remote reading of heat meters safe for health?
12. Is the use of heat meters covered by law?

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